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Real estate transactions are noted as the single most valuable investment made throughout the course of a lifetime.

Determining the value of property should be considered with the same magnitude by entrusting the process to qualified analysts. The purpose of determining a property's current market value may be  a requirement from insurance claims, settlement disputes, property assessment appeals, loan collateral, privatization or terms of purchase and sales agreements


Satisfying these requirements is an extensive process factoring in an elaborate combination of variables, where, credibility and reliability are dependent on the skill set of an entrusted industry expert.

The expert evaluation made by Lebow Hicks and Katchen Ltd. is made independently of third persons. Our findings are qualified through cost, market and income approaches.


A qualitative and logically based evaluation includes property inspection, location analysis and analyzing relevant sales and market data.  These findings are further compiled to determine an approximation of  current market value.

In addition, our services conform to the Appraisal Institute of Canada and Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.


To preview a list of former assignments please turn to our portfolio.

Our Areas of Expertise

Real estate valuation both commercial and residential
Consulting & General advisory services
Arbitration and mediation for commercial real estate disputes
Mortgage workouts
Selling and buying decisions
Litigation support and advisory services
Insurance replacement valuation
Real estate training and education

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